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Market your way out of recession

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Prochem Europe to show at Carpex 2012

Cleaning technology and solutions specialist, Prochem Europe is again supporting the NCCA-sponsored show Carpex 2012 this year, exhibiting elements from its cleaning techn read more...

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Why Buy Energy-Efficient Appliances?

The main benefits of energy-efficient appliances include saving money on operating costs and utility bills and protecting the environment by conserving energy. Energy-efficient models save money with lower operating costs using 30 to 50 percent l read more...

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Video: Clean Like a Man - The Kitchen

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Crane Cool Mist Humidifiers


By HC Staff

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Not Just for Looks: Outlining Reasons for Clean Schools

When a school looks clean and healthy, people tend to have a positive attitude about it. But looks can be deceiving: a clean-looking school may have been cleaned merely for appearance and not for health. Desks may have heavy chemical residues and read more...

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Natural choice for Cleaning Show

Latest News Natural choice for Cleaning Show

Interested in sustainable cleaning? With more specifiers demanding environmentally-considerate solutions from cleaners, Prochem Europe's UK trade launch of its new Natural ran read more...

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Article: Help Protect Your Home Against Burglary

There is no foolproof way to protect your home against a break-in, as a determined thief will find a way, but certainsteps will help deter it. Consider the following:

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Install motion-sensing lights: These can